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DME Software from Bonafide Medical Group is the best business workflow management and facility portal available to the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Home Medical Equipment (HME) industries. It is the only DME/HME software that fully and seamlessly integrates into all of your management decisions. Bonafide’s total DME/HME software solution can help you maximize efficiency, productivity and profitability in your business. Our single platform solution delivers every DME software advantage available to maximize your margins as reimbursement rates continue to shrink.

"Bonafide's software has provided a conduit for us to continue to grow and serve our market as the #1 leader in the state of Alabama and beyond."

Jamie Tidwell, Vice President Revenue Cycle Management
Med-South, Inc.

Jamie Tidwell, Vice President Revenue Cycle Management
Med-South, Inc.
“My team has found Bonafide to be the most streamlined of the ERP systems we support. Bonafide’s simple and intuitive interface means we can work A/R more effectively per day than any other system. Additionally, we have found Bonafide’s freedom of data access to be a real differentiator.” Jim Knight, President ACU-Serve Corporation
“Bonafide’s software solutions are helping us empower hospice agencies to spend less time managing their patients’ DME and more time focused on their care.” Joe Sacco, Jr., Vice President of Business Development, Central Medical Supply
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“Bonafide is an ERP that empowers your DME/HME to make work flow better. They have given us an amazing edge against our competitors with their online portal. Our clients love being able to see all their DME at a glance. It has empowered them to focus their energy on patient-centric programs.” George Robertson, Former Chairman of the Board, MasVida Health

Bonafide is the best cloud-based DME/HME billing software that seamlessly integrates ERP workflow simply and efficiently.

Patient Intake

Bonafide delivers the ultimate patient intake workflow. It includes intake by real-time eligibility checking so that providers can get patient benefits on-demand and ensure that patient profiles and orders are set up correctly the first time. The intake workflow leads you and your CSRs through the essential steps needed to manage your document routing processes along with the eligibility responses and payer authorizations. Managing incoming patient intakes with a streamlined worklist system empowers you to make informed decisions on how to proceed with each patient.



Without a smart billing system, your business will be chronically under-reimbursed. Bonafide’s billing software provides an array of easy-to-use web-based tools that scrub, track, validate coding, mitigate denials, and audit payer payments against payer contracts to ensure clean claims and complete payment.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Bonafide tracks all claim touchpoints with built-in reporting tools and the KPI metrics you need to make smart business decisions to improve your DSO and increase employee productivity.

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    Documentation Management

    Almost nothing is more important to getting paid than having the correct documentation. Bonafide’s document management system is included in our seamless software at no additional charge. We believe you can’t run your business without a comprehensive document management system. Our cloud-based storage makes storing, sharing and accessing digital files safe and easy and centralizes your staff job tools.

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    Supply Chain

    Managing your supply chain is a delicate process and Bonafide uses advanced inventory management and on-demand planning techniques to help you make the right decisions. Each location where you store inventory can be set up with unique replenishment parameters to deliver unprecedented control over your warehouse.

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    Inventory Management

    At Bonafide, we have operational intelligence built into our software so that you can track every item rented or sold. This data is seamlessly exported to your General Ledger of choice so you can accurately know your margins on individual categories of business.

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    Delivery & Live Asset Tracking

    Our delivery software is user-friendly and smartphone-enabled, so there are no additional devices to buy your delivery staff. Your delivery staff can use Bonafide to collect a digital time-stamped signature upon delivery. There is no waiting for 1-3 days for the paperwork to be processed, no time wasted adjusting inventory item counts, and no double data entry.

    order to cash processing icon

    Order to Cash Processing

    Your CSRs have many checks and balances to complete a patient order correctly. Bonafide streamlines your order to cash processing by eliminating manual bottlenecks, preventing errors and establishing a smooth flow from order intake to delivery confirmation ensuring timely billing and payment.

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      Hospice Workflow & Management

      Bonafide is unquestionably the leader in managing facility customers like hospice and nursing homes. We provide a comprehensive offering that allows you to partner with your customers like never before. Bonafide’s customer-facing facility portal allows them to manage orders, track order progress, and request service and pickups, all while keeping their management informed automatically.

      patient resupply integration icon

      Patient Resupply Integration

      Bonafide provides an easy and efficient way to manage your patient resupply program. As a DME/HME provider, you have the ability to manage patients resupply on our core platform or you can choose one of our partners for resupply such as Snapworx, Sleep Solutions Services (S3), and CMB Solutions.

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      Point of Sale

      Bonafide offers a true point of sale system that is easy to use. It allows both patient-centric transactions as well as anonymous purchases. Patient transactions are stored as a part of the patient’s record so they can be viewed for returns or questions.

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      Third-Party API Integration

      Bonafide’s platform is built in the cloud and accessible from anywhere on any device with a browser and internet access. Bonafide collaboration begins with automatic and real-time communication via X12 with payors and vendors. Depending on the partners, Bonafide offers different levels of technical expertise to achieve integration via Web Service, Restful, or Batch mode.

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        Benefits of Bonafide’s ERP

        full transparency and convenient access

        Full transparency and convenient access.

        Our cloud-based facility portal software maximizes convenience, data security, and no unnecessary downloads to complete or costly software updates. You have access to your Bonafide solutions any time you have Internet connection.

        ERP and Facility portal scales with business

        An ERP and facility portal that scales with your business.

        We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide you with scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure.

        full transparency and convenient access

        Simple, Transparent Pricing

        We serve small, medium, large and enterprise DME/HME providers. Contact us for a free demo.

        Case Studies from Leading Companies

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        Med-South optimizes services and patient outcomes using Bonafide.
        supply chain icon


        Parachute and Bonafide integrate to improve efficiencies across the healthcare continuum.

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        VieMed is committed to a patient-first approach to healthcare and outcomes. Bonafide has been critical in expanding our efforts.

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        Kestra chose Bonafide as their ERP partner to help in their mission to provide innovative, intuitive medical technologies to protect and support at-risk patients.

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        Central Medical

        Bonafide’s software solutions are helping us empower hospice agencies to spend less time managing their patients’ DME and more time focused on their care.

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        Bonafide is responsive to our needs and dynamically made the necessary changes for us to better serve our patients.

        DME/HME ERP Software

        How to Choose the Best DME/HME ERP for Your Business

        In an ever-changing environment of moving reimbursements and consolidation, it’s never been more important to choose the most innovative, efficient, and margin-building ERP designed specifically for DME/HME providers. Selecting the right software is not simple but using the following as a guideline should help you better navigate the ERP waters more safely.

        Bonafide is the #1 ERP for DME and HME.

        In this ever-changing world of reimbursement and consolidation, you need a partner who provides software that is flexible and adapted to the needs of DME/HME suppliers. Let’s visit and discover how we can help you in these challenging times.

        Mark Ludwig
        President and CEO, Bonafide Medical Group

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