Frequently Asked Questions

The #1 DME and HME business workflow management software

Why choose Bonafide?

Bonafide is focused entirely on helping DME providers maximize success. Our complete solution helps eliminate paper, redundant work, manual steps, and external processes – allowing you to do more business with less staff!

Our fully integrated solution comes with straightforward, no surprise pricing that will allow you to completely understand your costs. There is no special hardware or additional software to purchase to fully integrate your purchasing, inventory receipt, purchase order reconciliation, manage your inventory, process orders, confirm deliveries on your mobile devices, manage your documents and provide them to your patients securely and electronically.

From sales, through implementation to daily operation, the Bonafide team is ready to help. Online materials and support are augmented with real humans who have the knowledge and experience you need to move you forward.

What is included with Bonafide?

Bonafide Medical Group (Bonafide) is excited to offer a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Rather than a group of modules that are put together attempting to meet your needs we offer a comprehensive solution that is developed and maintained as a single, cohesive, offering that will:

  • Enforce rules and store data so that the enterprise meets your compliance expectations
  • Consolidate and replace your legacy systems
  • Help you manage your inventory purchasing, resupply and accounts payable either on its own or in concert with other systems
  • Allow you to coordinate patient care by streamlining ordering, delivery, and service
  • Integrate with dropship, other vendors and systems
  • Integrate patient eligibility into your processes
  • Manage your insurance and facility billing
  • Provide a robust, self-service business intelligence tool

Bonafide’s product and service offerings have integrated and automated key business and administrative functions for its payer and DME/Ambulatory provider customers throughout the patient encounter. For more information, please contact us.

Why do DME providers claim Bonafide has the best DME operating and billing solution?

Bonafide has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to learn thus increasing staff productivity.

Bonafide’s claims processing has been streamlined to be proactive rather than reactive like most other software platforms out there, which translates to more initial claims being paid in less time.

“DME businesses have to work on tight margins, so having the right reimbursement strategy in place is critical to staying in business. With Bonafide, we make more because we’re coding everything correctly and the Bonafide system also manages our multiple office locations and inventory.” – Chasity Eaton, Home Medical Products

“We saw a dramatic improvement as soon as we implemented the Bonafide Facility Portal,” says Joe Sacco, Sr. Chief Executive Officer, Central Medical Supply. “The portal eliminates the need for nurses to call our office and engage in a lengthy order process, so efficiency and accuracy improved overnight. It’s been truly transformative for our business. Having the necessary documentation at our fingertips has made our people significantly more productive. We are able to expand our customer base without having to add office staff.” – Joe Sacco, SR, Chief Executive Officer, Central Medical Supply

Does Bonafide perform both insurance and facility-based billing?

Our software has an advanced Revenue Cycle Management (insurance billing) solution which is designed to provide transparency resulting in an all in one efficient solution. Streamline your Billing/AR collections workflow with our evolving Revenue Cycle Management solution. Bonafide’s billing software provides an array of easy-to-use web-based tools that scrub, track, validate coding, mitigate denials and audit payer payments against payer contracts to ensure clean claims and complete payment. From your current A/R to your Rejection & Denial rate, Bonafide’s billing dashboard provides the information you need right at your fingertips.

Bonafide also has an advanced integrated invoicing solution for your facility-based customers. Our easy to use solution allows efficient processing and provides real-time transparency. The Bonafide Facility Portal allows healthcare facility nurses to work in an intuitive Amazon™-style shopping environment from which they can directly:

  • Create patient profiles
  • Place rental and sale orders
  • Suggest patient-specific items based on a clinical algorithm
  • Allows for an approval process
  • Schedule delivery, service, and pickup

Bonafide’s Facility Portal completely eliminates the need for nurses to call into DME providers and engage in lengthy order processes. The portal can handle per diem orders, rental orders, sale orders, fee-for-service items, and more. Invoices are sent automatically, and they are accurate and backed up by digital timestamps, eliminating costly errors.

How does Bonafide help me grow my business?

Technology is connecting healthcare. Having a strong technology platform that improves current workflow and connects your company to the industry is critical to being a leader in the healthcare space. Our industry is demanding more connectivity with the vendors, facilities, and caregivers. Bonafides platform is the most dynamic software in our industry that is being led by our Bonafide portfolio of customers. As part of the Bonafide family, you directly have influence over enhancements that continue to evolve our software to be the industries “Best in Class” solution. Unique solutions include things like a unique facility portal that you can offer your customers to better serve your local healthcare community and infection control programs that can be offered to increase your revenue opportunities and our new LIDS technology that can be added to the inventory for live tracking capabilities.

Why is Bonafide's AWS cloud better than client-server?

The Bonafide technology solution is the industry’s broadest and most integrated healthcare cloud. Our platform is hosted at AWS (Amazon Web Services) and there is no set maximum number of concurrent users. Bonafide Medeq Manager is web-based and allows an unlimited number of users to access the system. Our platform scales horizontally and our software architecture takes advantage of AWS scalability. As a customer, you no longer need to request your local IT team to provision for additional hardware/software capital expenditures. Performance and scalability tools are used to tune the application and ensure that the system responds appropriately. We currently support thousands of concurrent users on the system Bonafide will ensure that the technology solution can both scale and accommodate all necessary enhancements.

My business is growing quickly, can Bonafide support my growth?

Our clients are growing quickly, and they need fast, cloud-based technology to enable that growth. Bonafide simplifies your business operations by providing a single platform where you can order, manage, dispense and get reimbursed for the products you carry. We have the deepest and most advanced inventory control system available and provide unmatched tools for multi-location DME businesses.

How fast is your system and can it scale?

Bonafide technology solution can both scale and accommodate all necessary enhancement, so the response time runs at an optimum speed. Our platform scales horizontally and our software architecture takes advantage of AWS scalability. Performance and scalability tools are used to tune the application and ensure that the system responds appropriately. We currently support thousands of concurrent users on the platform.

How secure are my patient records?

Bonafide is HIPAA-compliant. We have been providing healthcare services for more than 25 years. Because most of these transactions contain personal health information, we are diligent in adhering to applicable HIPAA regulations. We have a department responsible for HIPAA compliance and a senior employee dedicated to implementing and managing company security measures. We also hold all Bonafide employees accountable for security and compliance measures.

Ongoing HIPAA training is required of all Bonafide employees. Bonafide works with industry leaders to establish standards and best practices with respect to HIPAA. We also dedicate significant investments in technology upgrades and implementation resources to meet applicable HIPAA requirements; we have established connectivity using HIPAA-standard formats with more providers, vendors, and health plans than any other company; and we currently process the most HIPAA-compliant transactions in the industry.

Bonafide fully embraces and will comply with all applicable rules for HIPAA mandated transaction and code set, privacy, and security standards. In addition, the Bonafide MedEQ security module allows for no-access, read-only or update privileges for all system support tables, including facility, payers, physicians, and patients. Claim update or review capability by certain locator groups (e.g. diagnosis, guarantor, patient) can be allowed or denied by Bonafide’s security capabilities. Bonafide also allows users to view specific entities either individually or together and has customizable user-level security and views.

How easily can I access my data?

Our customers can access the data via our read-replica instance setup. This feature allows you to write your own query to export your data to external BI tools or you can create your own custom reports.

What does Bonafide cost and will I see savings?

Our product and service offerings integrate and automate key business and administrative functions of its vendor, payer and provider customers throughout the continuum of care encounter. Through the use of Bonafide’s comprehensive suite of products and services, which are designed to easily integrate with existing technology infrastructures, customers are able to improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase cash flow and more efficiently manage the complex revenue and payment cycle and clinical information exchange processes. Bonafide workflow is efficient and easy to train your staff. We offer simple and honest pricing to meet your business requirements.

How often does Bonafide make software upgrades?

As a cloud-based application, updates to Bonafide MedEQ Manager will be seamlessly deployed at AWS (Amazon Web Services). The updates are implemented on the AWS server in real-time and will not require any input from the client’s staff. Product releases (feature/defect fixes/client custom requests) are performed every 2 weeks. Release notes are provided with each feature/function release and are available on the MedEQ Manager Portal for viewing at any time. Additionally, product training videos are updated with new feature functions and are available on-demand.

Standard product upgrades, if needed by the client, will be provided as they become available. We provide updated releases every 2 weeks. This process is done automatically as new updates become available and do not require any application software at your site. Special/Specific customizations may incur additional fees and should be discussed with Bonafide Account Executive.

How can I take advantage of Bonafide's Facility Portal?

CLEAR was designed to give your facility-based customers access to your products and services through a web-based portal. CLEAR gives your facility the opportunity to set clinical algorithms and approval processes that benefit both the user and the provider with transparent financial and clinical analytics.

How can I utilize your Infection Prevention Program solution?

Infection control is becoming one of our industry’s toughest challenges. Cross-contamination is one of the leading causes of infections and drivers of overall healthcare costs. Our Bac-Track system is the industry’s first cloud-based contamination monitoring system. This can be integrated with your current inventory and help resolve the complex problems of cross-contamination. In addition, this unique service can be broadened to your facility customer base and provide a real revenue opportunity for your business while simultaneously helping resolve the overall healthcare burden of infections.

What is Live Inventory Device tracking?

Bonafide’s Live Asset Tracking system allows medical devices such as ventilators, infusion pumps, monitors, wheelchairs, beds, and other high-value items to be tracked and monitored. The system includes a small device and software. The device can be affixed to any medical equipment. The software tracks the physical location of the device in real-time. Our Live Asset Tracking system gives providers a data-driven way to track inventory across all facilities throughout the lifetime of the product. This system is based on our powerful inventory control software, which Bonafide has been building since 1981.