About Bonafide®

The #1 DME and HME business workflow management software

Our Story

Bonafide was founded in 1981 and is based in Thousand Oaks, CA. In 2019 Bonafide underwent a consolidation with Next Level11 and Next Project11 to create Bonafide Medical Group, a cloud-based healthcare information technology company.

Bonafide Medical Group combines its powerful DME and HME ERP software with a healthcare facility portal and other products to serve the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Medical Home Equipment (HME), Acute Care, and Long Term Care (LTC) healthcare settings.

Our Company Mission & Client Vision

Bonafide provides the following key software products:

Bonafide’s DME and HME ERP

Bonafide’s DME/HME ERP is the best business workflow management available to the DME/HME industry and the only DME software that is fully and seamlessly integrated into all of your management decisions. Bonafide’s core technology allows DME/HME providers to maximize efficiency, productivity, and profitability. The single platform solution delivers every software advantage available to maximize margins as reimbursement rates continue to shrink.

Bonafide’s Healthcare Facility Portal

Bonafide’s Healthcare Facility Portal allows DME/HME Providers to sell to healthcare facilities through an online shopping portal that is directly linked to their back-office billing operations, inventory and delivery systems. It allows DME/HME Providers to better service hospice and nursing home contracts. The portal makes it easy for hospice and nursing home contracts to place orders themselves, eliminating costly steps and dramatically improving profit margins on these accounts. With the Bonafide Facility Portal, DME/HME Providers can effortlessly serve more hospice and nursing home contracts.

Bonafide’s Infection Prevention Platform 

Bonafide’s Infection Prevention Platform is a healthcare-acquired infection control platform. It is the first system in the world to overlay contamination analytics with viewable floor plans. The cloud-based solution allows customers to determine infection risk in real-time. The “Bac-Track Square,” patent-pending, is used for taking contamination sampling and can be placed on any surface in the provider environment. The software gives facilities a dashboard to monitor bacteria levels by department or equipment category and the power to monitor monthly trends and treatment or cleaning effectiveness.

Bonafide’s Patient Portal 

Bonafide’s Patient Portal helps maximize patient engagement while improving operating efficiencies and increasing revenue. Unlike our competitors, our patient portal is built by Bonafide and operates seamlessly in the Bonafide DME/HME ERP platform. This allows both your internal staff and external customers to work together and includes: Push Notifications; Scheduling Changes, Payment Processing, Insurance Changes, Delivery Notifications; Appointment Reminders and Resupply Order Processing. You can also easily upload pictures or other information through your existing mobile technology.

Bonafide’s Analytics

Bonafide’s Analytics help DME’s and HME’s improve their operational competitiveness. Studies have been conducted that show companies deploying advanced analytics have 33% more revenue growth and 12x more profit growth and are twice as likely to outperform their peers. Bonafide’s comprehensive software enables you to compare your business metrics anytime, anywhere, accessing our secure cloud-based portal to pull up and compare reports. You can easily review your profit and loss for each individual product and service you offer, as well as study bigger picture metrics and multi-location business metrics. You can track employee production, the efficiency of operations and inventory stock levels easily and quickly.

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