DME/HME Software

Patient Intake

Bonafide delivers the ultimate patient intake workflow. It includes intake by real-time eligibility checking so that providers can get patient benefits on-demand and ensure that patient profiles and orders are set up correctly the first time. The intake workflow leads you and your CSRs through the essential steps needed to manage your document routing processes along with the eligibility responses and payer authorizations. Managing incoming patient intakes with a streamlined worklist system empowers you to make informed decisions on how to proceed with each patient.

Bonafide allows facility users to place their orders via a self-service ordering portal, bypassing your CSR. Features such as the approval process and clinical algorithm help facility users to place orders correctly. Fully integrated outbound faxing makes it a breeze to process orders. The included document management with OCR technology makes sure you can always find what you need.

We have a variety of ways to help you enforce your processes to make sure all requirements are met before you commit your resources to order. Great reporting and working screens allow you to keep up with all of your orders, deliveries, drop shipments and phone calls. Our incredible patient-centric dashboard gives your team immediate access to everything related to each patient at their fingertips. Orders, status, payments, notes, documents, prescriptions, expirations and more are accessible with one click.

Data Analysis on Computer
Data Analysis on Computer

Billing & A/R Management

Without a smart billing system, your business will be chronically under-reimbursed. Bonafide’s billing software provides an array of easy-to-use web-based tools that scrub, track, validate coding, mitigate denials, and audit payer payments against payer contracts to ensure clean claims and complete payment.

Bonafide receives remittances electronically into the system and automatically posts payments. The posting routine will automatically link the remittance to the patient’s order.

Bonafide’s software is cloud-based and hosted with Amazon Web Services, the fastest, most secure cloud system available. Billers using our system will see significant improvements in screen loading times. While we have observed billers using other systems waiting 2-3 seconds for every single new page load, Bonafide pages load quickly and efficiently.

From your current A/R to your rejection rate, Bonafide’s billing dashboard provides the information you need right at your fingertips.

Revenue Cycle Management

Bonafide tracks all claim touchpoints with built-in reporting tools and the KPI metrics you need to make smart business decisions to improve your DSO and increase employee productivity.

Bonafide’s robust RCM functions provide value-added and unique services. Key capabilities include:

  • Streamline claims processing/submission
  • Tightly coupled and fully integrated with a clearinghouse (Change Healthcare, Waystar)
  • Operate from a single platform to manage all your claims inventory (Incomplete, Rejected, Denial) with complete visibility and ease of claim rework
  • Automate electronic remittance posting
  • Alert notifications on underpayment from the payor
Data Analysis on Computer
Data Analysis on Computer

Documentation Management

Almost nothing is more important to getting paid than having the correct documentation. Bonafide’s document management system is included in our seamless software at no additional charge. We believe you can’t run your business without a comprehensive document management system. Our cloud-based storage makes storing, sharing, and accessing digital files safe and easy and centralizes your staff job tools.

You can set alerts and reminders to help your staff stay on track and make sure they get everything they need to make sure you get paid. Our software is integrated with smartphones and fax services.

Supply Chain Management

Managing your supply chain is a delicate process and Bonafide uses advanced inventory management and on-demand planning techniques to help you make the right decisions. Each location where you store inventory can be set up with unique replenishment parameters to deliver unprecedented control over your warehouse.

Bonafide gives you the ability to see projected inventory along with any demand or supply in a way that makes it easy to identify potential issues. Key capabilities include:

  • Actively monitor your inventory, demand, and supply levels
  • Purchase Order Management with EDI integration and approval workflows
  • Inter-store transfer management
  • Lot # and Serial # traceability
  • Live Asset tracking of high-valued inventory using IoT technology
Data Analysis on Computer
Data Analysis on Computer

Inventory Management

At Bonafide, we have operational intelligence built into our software so that you can track every item rented or sold. This data is seamlessly exported to your General Ledger of choice so you can accurately know your margins on individual categories of business.

Bonafide provides an electronic vendor interface, which allows your employees to easily submit purchase orders. You can set rules for each employee based on vendors, locations and maximum order value. Vendors are pre-loaded into Bonafide, eliminating time-wasting steps and order entry. Products can be drop-shipped in real-time from your vendors, eliminating costly overhead and increasing your ability to serve diverse patient needs.

The cost of all products is automatically tracked in Bonafide so that there is never any question about the value of an item or margins associated with an item. Depreciation is automatic, and we have a general ledger interface, so there is no double data entry.

All inventory is digitally managed using scanners and bar codes, eliminating all paper checklists, which lead to costly mistakes. With Bonafide, you can track your inventory down to the individual truck it’s sitting in.

Delivery & Live Asset Tracking

Our delivery software is user-friendly and smartphone-enabled, so there are no additional devices to buy your delivery staff. Your delivery staff can use Bonafide to collect a digital time-stamped signature upon delivery. There is no waiting for 1-3 days for the paperwork to be processed, no time wasted adjusting inventory item counts, and no double data entry.

Your drivers use our system to automatically track the inventory in their trucks, and your billing team can access delivery data in real-time and begin the billing process immediately upon delivery. All functions of the delivery process are automated and fully integrated in real-time with Bonafide core platform. Additional capabilities such as optimized delivery routing, all electronic compliance documents needed, signature capture of delivery and accepts mobile credit card payments are included.

Data Analysis on Computer
Data Analysis on Computer

Order to Cash Processing

Your CSRs have many checks and balances to complete a patient order correctly. Bonafide streamlines your order to cash processing by eliminating manual bottlenecks, preventing errors, and establishing a smooth flow from order intake to delivery confirmation ensuring timely billing and payment.

Our integrated features guide CSRs through the workflow. Key capabilities include:

  • Compliance forms are needed per payor and per product (HCPCS)
  • Prior Authorization
  • Clinical Algorithm alerts
  • Delivery address verification
  • Optimized delivery routing to reduce fuel costs
  • Mobile patient payments collection

Hospice Workflow & Management

Bonafide is unquestionably the leader in managing facility customers like hospice and nursing homes. We provide a comprehensive offering that allows you to partner with your customers like never before. Bonafide’s customer-facing facility portal allows them to manage orders, track order progress, and request service and pickups, all while keeping their management informed automatically.

Our system works as if you had designed it yourself. Hospice workflow and management are integrated with the rest of our software and allow you to easily maintain different pricing for your facility customers without having to create multiple inventory items that destroy the integrity of your system.

We allow a single signature to confirm multiple orders being delivered to the same location, provide email notification to the appropriate parties automatically, post the delivery ticket to the facility portal for their records, and much more.

Data Analysis on Computer
Data Analysis on Computer

Patient Resupply Integration

Bonafide provides an easy and efficient way to manage your patient resupply program. As a DME/HME provider, you have the ability to manage patients resupply on our core platform or you can choose one of our partners for resupply such as Snapworx, Sleep Solutions Services (S3), and CMB Solutions.

Point of Sale

Bonafide offers a true point of sale system that is easy to use. It allows both patient-centric transactions as well as anonymous purchases. Patient transactions are stored as a part of the patient’s record so they can be viewed for returns or questions.

The system works with off-the-shelf bar code scanners and receipt printers to make sure you can operate as you choose. We manage multiple registers, and multiple cash drawers, and have thorough reporting to support all of the activity.

Data Analysis on Computer
Data Analysis on Computer

Third-Party API Integration

Bonafide’s platform is built in the cloud and accessible from anywhere on any device with a browser and internet access. Bonafide collaboration begins with automatic and real-time communication via X12 with payors and vendors. Depending on the partners, Bonafide offers different levels of technical expertise to achieve integration via Web Service, Restful, or Batch mode.